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A new journey awaits…

I haven’t blogged for a long time, obviously, so consider yourself warned. You may find grammatical errors, unnecessary rants, mixed information, and sudden change of topics. Here we go!

We’ve recently moved to Melbourne. My ex-girlfriend, who is now my wife, wanted to improve her knowledge and study in Melbourne. Thinking ahead, I decided to join her and support her with her studies. A lot of things happened before we moved to Melbourne; papers were printed and compiled, clothes were packed, back-to-back checklists, and other things that you might be thinking right now. We left with a nervous body, strong heart, and God-fearing soul. A lot of our friends bid us goodbye thru Facebook, letters, parting gifts, and eat-outs.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by our new found friends and previous friends who already stayed in Melbourne for a few years. One of them was Ate Prescy, she and her husband Kuya Nong met with us in the airport and drove us to where we will stay for a few months (I’ll get into this in a while…). Ate Prescy also took us out for lunch, had us visit some stores to buy things we might need and made us feel that Filipino warm welcome.

As for the place that we will be staying, its a small bungalow with a great quiet area within eastern part of Melbourne. It was owned by Tita Irma and Tito Mike, who was kind enough to have us stay with them for a while.

Then we met friends the next day, Gab who was my wife’s friend from college accompanied us on things we need to have as we start our journey. Rachel who was our schoolmate back in high school took us out to dinner that day together with her boyfriend Arlie and their friends.

The next day, we went out again! With Ate Prescy driving her toyota, we went to the beach with the bathing houses in Brighton, of which I would only see on posters or post cards. JC, who we recently befriended us, and Bea, Ate Prescy’s young daughter, was with us during the trip. Past 2 in the afternoon we went to IKEA, which we’ve never visited before but saw a lot of Facebook posts about it. All I could say is, if you’re the type of person who likes to tidy things up, prepare to swipe away with your savings debit card or your credit card whichever you prefer to suffer. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who sits on furniture displays that says “no sitting please” on malls, its the perfect place for you!

The next day, Rachel and Arlie invited us to their apartment to have lunch and chat. My wife, Melissa, and Rachel were best-friends in primary school (elementary). They cooked an awesome classic Filipino dish that I never would have thought of eating it here in Melbourne.

And now, tomorrow is going to be a big day (I’m typing this Feb 21, Sunday night). Tomorrow my wife is going to have an orientation and the start of a journey where we would walk together with God as our leader.

I’d like to take this time to thank our family, new family relatives, friends, and new found friends. The support that each of you gave, is something that we would never forget. We may not be able to give back something in return, but know that we will never forget it from the bottom of our hearts.

Peace out and God Bless!



A jQuery Adventure

If you’re a web developer, this term will always make you smile. jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows the developer to easily manipulate controls on a webpage. After seeing great potential on what web applications can do, new libraries we’re branched out from this, and one of them is jQuery mobile.

jQuery mobile like its ancestors are open sourced, anyone can use it and make some changes on it to work the way you want. You can get its latest library in http://jquerymobile.com/ or if you’re using VS2012, you can get it through NuGet. As for our little take on this great innovation, we’ll use NuGet and VS2012.

So let’s start by creating a project in VS2012. Go to File menu, select New Project, select Visual C#, then Web, on the project types select ASP.NET MVC 4 Web application. Give your project a name and a solution name for it. Click OK and a window opens that allows you to select the first contents of your project, let’s select the Internet Application such that we have some predefined views and controls and click OK. Once the solution / project loads, our next step is to add jQuery mobile library to the project. To do that, go to Tools, to Library Package Manager Menu, then click Manage NuGet packages for Solution. On the Search bar, enter jQuery Mobile and a NuGet package should appear for jQuery mobile for you to install. Once installed you will notice (on the Scripts folder of your project) some files were added like jquery.mobile-1.1.1.js and jquery.mobile-1.1.1.min.js. Now that our project is jQuery mobile ready, let’s proceed to constructing a page.

The master page in MVC4, is (by default) the _Layout.cshtml, this is the main view that calls other views to be rendered on the browser. (Preemptive text, try to run the project first before you continue reading the succeeding texts, this is to compare how our web app looks like before we apply jQuery mobile). So to apply the jQuery mobile library on all our pages, this is the place where we insert the scripts. First, let’s insert the jQuery library (by default VS should include this library to all Web projects, filename: jquery-1.7.1.js) then we insert the jQuery mobile library (filename: jquery.mobile-1.1.1.js). Then we insert the jQuery mobile CSS file (filename: jquery.mobile-1.1.1.css) this CSS was added when we installed the jQuery mobile through NuGet.

Now to formally create a jQuery web page; like a normal HTML page, we will need a header, content, and footer. In the body part (comment or remove all codes inside the body tag, and replace them with the codes described in the succeeding texts) of your _Layout.cshtml, simply create 3 div sections with a “data-role”, and assign a value of “header”, “content”, and “footer” respectively for each div. Then enclose all three div sections into one div with a data-role attribute value of “page”. Then insert some codes that look like the following code snippet: Image

Then try to refresh the web browser where the web page is loaded and you will see some graphical changes on the view. See the difference? Amazed? You should be! 🙂

Let’s continue by creating a simple list or in jQuery mobile terms a mobile list (I just made this up. Hehe.)

Aside from the _Layout.cshtml page, you will see other .cshtml files or also known as Razor files on other folders. Look for the Index.cshtml file in the Home folder, this is rendered by the master page when @RenderBody() is called. On the Index.cshtml page, let’s insert a list by first making a new ul tag (mark-up tag for making a list) with a data-role attribute vale of “listview”. Inside this ul tag, add some <li> tags and add some <a> tags or the link tag. Then assign some name for that link tag by placing some text in between the tags, try to add at least 5 of these for a much better appearance (see code snippet below). Then refresh the browser and see how it looks like. Image

See the list? Amazed? You really should be amazed by now! If not, maybe you should see a doctor or something. 😛

We’ve tackled some features on how jQuery mobile can help our web pages to be mobile ready in this almost mobile-driven world. But these are just the start, the journey continues on as you create and discover them on http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.1.1/. To give you some teasers, there are also jQuery implementations of alert boxes in web pages called dialogs, collapsible contents that allows you to hide a div element when the header is clicked, and a built in search bar on any list just by adding a “data-filter” attribute on the ul list tag.

Hope you had a great venture through this document. Now go and develop webHeads!!!

PS: Along with jQuery mobile, try out MVC3 or MVC4 frameworks too. Click the links to know more!

God Bless the Philippines!

IE9, A Web Developer’s Companion

I was recently employed by a great company last June, knowing that they focus on C#.Net development I took the opportunity and face the challenges given to me. In my mind I was thinking that I’ll be developing Windows Apps, since I was more practiced on that field. But my manager put me on Web Development instead, which at first I hesitated. But as my colleagues guided me and with some readings, I got hook on Web Dev a few days after. It was like being in love with my girlfriend all over again. And the great part about it is I got a great companion on debugging codes and editing styles, IE9 and its developer toolbar.

IE9’s Developer Toolbar can be accessed by pressing F12 on your keyboard. Here’s what it looks like:


You can view the Developer tool as a windows or as a dock b pressing the docking button the top left of the window. With the DevTool docked on the site, you can easily access the site’s HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes. Here’s the docked view of IE9 DevTool:


IE9’s DevTool also features a color picker, which is very handy if you’re a Web Designer. The
Color Picker can be accessed by selecting it through the Tools menu or by pressing Ctrl + K (make sure that the DevTool window is active):


The Color Picker allows you to get the Color Code and apply it to your website through CSS.

Most of the time, Web Developers are very significant with the width and length of certain parts of their site. With IE9’s DevTool Ruler, pixel measurement is pretty much like measuring centimeters with a real ruler.


The Ruler Tool allows you to precisely measure areas of your website. You can even apply Pythagorean’s Theorem through Pixel measurement. Nerd smile

This is just a small part of IE9. It has a lot to contribute when it comes to Web related matters. Whether its development or just plain web browsing, whether you’re a beginner, web surfer or a web developer, IE9 makes it easy for you. I’m just a beginner on Web Development, but IE9 has made it easy for me to tackle every code problem I face in my job. Try to discover other things that IE9 has to offer!
PS: Did you know, IE9 has a browser mode that allows you to access your sites using IE8 and IE7? Hot smile

God Bless the Philippines!

Backup your Documents with Windows 7

Most of the time, I help my friends with their computer dilemmas. I usually solve them through restoring, reformatting, installing, and the likes. But not all of them are easy to do, especially the backup process of reformatting. The need to drag all the files to a different location where reformatting won’t erase it in the process, then the file explorer suddenly stops responding, I freak out when that happens. Sometimes I just wish I have the ability to get inside the PC and move the files myself. Just kidding

Good thing there’s windows 7. Backing up is just a few clicks away! Let’s tackle the steps.

FIRST, you need to have a partition or a separate drive that has a 50GB or more spaces, depending on the cumulative size of the files to be backed up. Be sure to take note of that drive’s address or name (e.g. “C:\” or “D:\”).


SECOND, with your backup drive ready, click the start button or press the WINDOWS button on your keyboard and type “shell:UsersFilesFolder” on the search bar, then click enter.


THIRD, after the second step is properly executed, a new windows opens up showing all of the PC’s personal folders (Documents, Music, Videos, Downloads, etc.). Right click on one of the folders that contains important files to be backed up, and click “Properties”.


FOURTH, when the Properties windows comes up, click on the Location Tab and change the location of that folder to the location of the partition or separate drive mentioned earlier.



For example, the location of my partitioned drive is “D:\” and I want the files to be in a Folder location of “Jerome Guarin\Documents”.

FIFTH, when the right address is typed in, click “OK” or “Apply”. Then Windows 7 automatically moves the files to the partitioned drive.



Easy as pie if I may say so myself. Windows 7 really makes every task simpler!

God Bless the Philippines! Smile

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How to get to PLM

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila is located at General Luna Street corner Muralla Streets, Intramuros, Manila.

There are several landmarks that surround PLM. Two of them are LRT Central Terminal Station (Top Blue circle) and SM City Manila (Middle Blue Circle) / Manila City Hall (Beside SM Manila).

Untitled picture

If you will be coming from the LRT Central Station, go through Natividad Almeda Lopez Street going to the Padre Burgos Street. Between Padre Burgos and Lagusnilad is an underpass that extends to the other side of the Padre Burgos street. After passing the underpass, ride a jeep that has a route of “Mabini” / “Pier” / “PLM”, some jeeps also line up beside the underpass’s entrance. Then tell the jeepney driver drop you off at “Round Table” (Green circle), “Round Table” is the first curve that you will be passing through when you ride the jeep. Once you go down the jeep, you will see a the wall’s of Intramuros (show in the Picture below).


Go through that wall, and PLM in at the left side of the street(which is General Luna Street).


That is also the same route if you will be coming from SM Manila.

The route that I take coming from my house is from Espana. I take the “Mabini” jeep from Espana, then the driver drops me off at Round Table, same as the one I mentioned above.

PLM is also part of the Intramuros University Belt(U-Belt South), together with MAPUA, Letran, and Lyceum. The map below is just the same with the first map, some street were disregarded.


God Bless the Philippines! Hot smile

Internet Explorer is love

It’s been months since I last posted a blog, been busy with some projects at school that needed some major documentation full of computations, flowcharts, block diagrams, and more equations. Confused smile I also lost some weight for the past months, making me so thin like I’m a walking shirt hanger. Smile with tongue out

While I was busy, from time to time I relax by browsing the net with the new IE9 beta(click to download) that was released last September 15, 2010. I had a lot of fun with agent8ball, made beats with beatkeep, and updated my status with Facebook.

I’ve been connected to the internet, 24/7, ever since I got my first laptop. The first thing I usually do is open a browser, then check my mail, check my Facebook, play a game, download the latest anime episode, download some interesting apps, read some tutorials on programming, photo editing, video editing, and lots of stuff. Selecting which browser to use has been an issue for me, what I need is something sleek, stable, clean, and user-friendly.

But now, I found the right browser for me. The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta!

SLEEK: Below is a screenshot of IE9 from my desktop.


Completely borderless dudes!Hot smile I like the new sleek and clean design of IE9, allowing me to see more, read more, and learn more. The favorites button (star, top right) also allows me to access my favorite sites in just a click.

STABLE: IE9 is stable; each tab you create is independent. When a tab stops responding, IE9 prompts you if you want to recover it. Once you click the Recover Webpage button, it will send a report about the issue and restore your tab in seconds.

CLEAN: IE holds the record for the most secure, and with IE9 I don’t have to worry about malware and any web virus out there.

USER-FRIENDLY: Opening IE9 is a breeze, click the IE9 Icon on your taskbar once and IE9 opens in less than 8 seconds! And if you want to open another one, it opens in less than 5 seconds! Now that’s fast! Thumbs up My mom has experienced this a lot of times, she can be very impatient sometimes. Open-mouthed smile

Also, IE9 allows you to pin web shortcuts of your favorite sites into your taskbar or start menu, allowing you to access sites directly. Below is an example of a Facebook web shortcut.


Though IE9 is still in beta, it already blew me away with its new features. I can’t wait when the Final IE9 comes out!

God Bless the Philippines! Smile

The IE Kid in me

I’m a kid who grew up knowing the internet through the windows of Internet Explorer. I can still remember the first site that I visited was go.microsoft.com, ‘cause it was the default home page that IE goes into when it opens. Open-mouthed smile But seriously, the first site that I visited was ultimate-guitar.com, I was a guitar geek at that time. Punk

I first experienced IE when my Auntie bought a desktop PC running Windows95, the desktop was for my cousin who was back then a college student of UST taking up a Fine Arts course. Windows95 was preinstalled with Internet Explorer 4, but the most memorable thing about Win95 for me was Solitaire. Hot smile

Honestly IE has let me down countless of times because of its connection speed. But when I had the chance to try Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4 (IE9 PP4, download it here), I got so excited that I want to be the first one to see it.

So let’s take a look at some test in the PP4 and compare it to another browser. Let’s try the Psychedelic Browsing in PP4 and in another browser. It demonstrates how a HTML5 canvas does when it’s fully accelerated with the GPU.   psychedelicpsychedelicfail

As you can see, there’s this really a big difference between IE9PP4 and the other browser. The result of the other browser was very disappointing, it’s been my default browser when I had my first laptop. But with IE9 PP4, I even had the chance to do Hallucinogenic Mode, and here is the result:


With so much innovation made by Microsoft, from Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Office 2010, to Expression Studio 4, IE9 will surely blow our screens away. Taking us to next level of Internet Browsing.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Hey! I now switched to wordpress.com from Live Spaces! I’m new with wordpress and I still coping up with some changes. If you were able to see my first post in Live Spaces, I included a music video there from the Script entitled “for the first time”. All about not giving up.

God Bless the Philippines!